Disk Cartography - clever disk space analyzer App Reviews

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Simple and effective

Simple user interface that breaks folders, subfolders and files down by size. Easily pinpoints which folders and subfolders are taking up the most space. The software is able to delete folders of your choice straight from the user interface. Not sure how good of a job it does in removing every single trace file, but will get rid of most of it (haven’t tested). Great for identifying old applications, caches, or folders of videos that you no longer need to keep on your drive. No bloatware. Works great!

Surprisingly useful

This app was a big help when trying to clear out my drive (~400GB on SSD). Very quick, and made it very easy to identify what things were eating up the most space on my drive. It has on occasion crashed, but since it is pretty quick to run and there is no time investment, I have not found that to diminish my experience with the app at all. I still give it 5 stars!

Quickly find where your space has gone

Very simple interface. Runs quickly, can analyze 300GB in seconds. You pick a folder under your home folder (pictures, documents, etc.), it maps that folder, and all the subfolders, by file with a filter (size, file type, etc.) you can select. Easy to just step through the folder hierarchy and find those large folders and/or files that are using up space. Very well done!


After several minutes of program work – crash! And after relaunch… crash! Mac OS 10.11.6

Simple and great

I love this app. Does exactly what it says on the tin. I’m always pushing up against the edge of my internal storage so I end up using it weekly. Great work.

Did the job

My hard drive space suddenly lost several hundred gig for no explainable reason. After spending time trying to figure out where the space was going, I bought this app and let it run. Turns out, the Adobe CC download app was trying to update Photoshop and Lightroom, and somehow got stuck in a continuous loop filling a massive set of log files.

Straight forward!

The design of the app is simple, which brings an “easy to use” experience for users. And it works perfectly with its job - wipe out what I don’t need. Ussually when I delete an app, it leaves some file that take up my disk space. But with this app I was able to clear the whole thing, and trace until the last file. The best thing besides working way better than other free apps is that Disk Cartography does not have ads. Feel really worth the money I spent.

Don’t Understand

While this program seems to do what it says it is going to do, I have no idea how to use the information it provides. Therefore it is a waste of money for me.

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